Sietske Dijkstra’s ambitions for research are mostly revolving around daily practice. In these cases research and research findings should offer insight and significance for the broad field of professionals:

  • people working in the field
  • managers and executives
  • policy makers
  • teachers, students and
  • the people it concerns.

Understanding leads to better practice and hope

Understanding should lead to better practice: professionals who deal more alert with violence matters and hope for all people that are confronted with violence.

Accessible, applicable research

Sietske Dijkstra makes use of (experiential) knowledge she has gained in practice and finetunes this know-how by means of (inter)national research literature and theory. This ‘joint cooperation’ leads to increased awareness and more alertness with professionals and yields many applicable findings and recommendations.


In Dijkstra’s research, the both ways movement between practice and theory is essential. This is expressed in:

  • the application of knowledge from practice and
  • the possibility to apply research results in practice.
  • improved understanding, insight, in depth-knowledge and alertness in all parties involved
  • more understanding of good practice and good (team) work
  • more conscious use of knowledge sources and knowledge development.

Knowledge sources research

  • observations in and feedback to the field
  • specific, tailor-made literature studies
  • offering applicable and inspirational sources, at national and international level
  • studying good practice and support in the development of methodology
  • expert interviews and expert meetings
  • in-depth interviews
  • document analysis
  • focus groups
  • questionnaires (for example on appreciation)

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