In her advice work, Sietske Dijkstra makes use of the wealth of research and education experiences that she gained form work with institutions (see clients). Advisory tracks can be unique or longer term. Sometimes these relate to particular questions, but they may also cover complete projects or plans.

Bureau Dijkstra provides advice on:

  • aspects of research and projects in practice,
  • solutions for bottlenecks in practice,
  • framing issues from the field into research questions,
  • specific project problems that are related to the target group,
  • how to carry out content and strategic lines and/or necessary support of short- or long- term projects,
  • safe-garding activities and projects in the area of violence.

Bureau Dijkstra

  • assists with assessing project proposals,
  • gives advice on the implementation of projects
  • comments on concept reports and/or brochures.
  • participates in expert meetings, forums and panels,
  • offers relevant knowledge for professionals, nationally as well as internationally,
  • plays an active role in various (inter)national networks in the field of intimate violence.


Consultancy on a new policy of Shelter Work since 2014 from  the Federation of Shelters (FO)
Consultancy for a refresher course on domestic violence for teachers
Consultancy on research for support programs for youngsters in the shelters
Consultancy GGZ (Institute for Mental Health) with setting up prevention projects on domestic violence.
Consultancy and support of the Study Group Youth in Rotterdam for children and youth who experienced domestic violence.
Consultancy on national brochure on domestic violence for education of parents and professionals
Participation in panel Bureau Jeugdzorg (Care for Young People) Gelderland on placing children in residential care during a symposium for various institutes on pedagogical view
Consultancy on projects and interventions on children exposed to domestic violence since 2000