Relational and Social Safety

Since 1998 dr. Sietske Dijkstra has led an agency on the subject of violence within relationships, particularly offering expertise to professionals.  She is offering expertise in relational and social safety. From 2007 until November 2014 she was a professor (lector) in Domestic Violence and Interagency Work at Avans, University for applied sciences. She was a member of the Committee Samson from 2010 until December 2012 who investigated sexual abuse in foster and residential care in the Netherlands since 1945.

From Understanding to Hope and Better Work

Bureau Dijkstra offers research, education and advice to professionals, practitioners, managers and policy makers in many welfare, social and juridical sectors and educational organizations. The central aim of the agency is to gain an understanding of the risk of violence and and of the possible ways to prevent its occurrence. This understanding will encourage professionals to do their work better, with better instruments and in a more motivated and cooperative way.
In a recent interview for the Dutch Journal of Evidence Based Practice Dijkstra is arguing that we need A much wider and deeper look on intimate violence.



The surplus value of the practice- and knowledge- based research performed by Sietske Dijkstra, primarily by commission and with various partners, manifests itself in the relevance to everyday practice. Professionals and other parties involved will appreciate the experience gained from this applied form of research to be meaningful, useful and encouraging. It leads to an understanding of the case at hand and to new ways of dealing with existing and upcoming issues. >>


Either by way of invitation or in collaboration with many kinds of organizations, institutions and experienced trainers, Dijkstra offers: inspiring lectures, appealing training courses, interactive training and workshops revolving around themes in the domain of violence within relationships. She is also chair on a regular basis >>


The lessons Dijkstra learned from research and education are effectively put into professional practice in short or longer advice tracks. This has made her a respected strategy-knowledgeable conversation partner. An improvement of practice and refinement of approach are often the aim of starting an advice traject with Dijkstra. She offers a result-oriented collaboration, including network partners. Connection, (fine)tuning, permanent education and joint responsibility are keywords. >>

If you require more information on our services, please contact the Dijkstra office.


Identity on the move

Today’s constant personal and professional movement raises some intriguing questions. Can we find a foothold, an anchor, in this ongoing change? If so, where and how can we find it? And what will then become of our sense of home? Will we be uprooted? Or will we secure a new home? Will we become estranged from what was familiar and trusted? Time and again the fast-moving changes test and question our changed or desired identity: who and what are we? Where do we want to go, and what kind of a future we want for ourselves. A simular shifting perspective recurs in the answers to questions such as, What is home? How do we meet the unknown?  Who were we? Who have we become? In this process of questioning we recognize the unknown in ourselves and discover just how everyday- like, and even ordinary, the unknown really is.

Read here the  Editorial of the Journal of Social Intervention on a Round Table Discussion.