Dijkstra’s education concentrates on professionals who provide interagency work with handling violence within families and relationships. Secondly, as a teacher and developer she contributes to the curriculum of professional education, – for instance on (ortho)pedagogics and social work. In addition, she offers refresher’s courses, at times in conjunction with other professionals and teachers in the field. On demand she supervises students on theses relating to abuse in dependency relationships. Twice Dijkstra developed a  nation-wide course on handling domestic violence. The main subject of the second one was on strength- based, solution- focused, systemic- and experiential and experiences- based approach with a focus on means and implementation (KOSHI).

Please see the mindmap on the course.

Clients are: youth care, mental health care, child protecitve services, ortho-pedagogics, RINO, shelter work, teachers and students in social work and social pedagogics,  professionals who work on care and safety, the Salvation Army, probation, advice and support domestic violence, midwifes, child care workers, police officers.


 Goal of all educational programmes is to contribute to a diminishing of violence in the following ways:

  • transfer relevant knowledge to detect factors which might lead to violence in relationships;
  • clarify the dynamics of violation and its possible consequenses;
  • motivate and enabling professionals to be highly alert and attentive;
  • professionals flourish and assist them becoming lead professionals, who contribute to diminishing the negative consequences of violence and achieving a sustainable approach.


Reflection, presentations, group work and assignments are important learning tools in an interactive setting. We are learning form each other and from and with cases. Also implementation projects are used to improve excisting practice. In-company training is  always preceded by a dialogue with participants and managers about the needs and the learning goals with feedback on the results.

‘the assignment for implementationt made us aware what all was necessary, I have more knowledge now how I can prepare such a project and work on the preconditions. ‘